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At Appademic, we don’t just build Australia’s most flexible and advanced school mobile apps. We help schools and parents unlock the real power of mobile app technology.

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Communication apps for busy schools and busy parents

We know the school system and we know how to build apps. In fact, we love building apps, it’s all we do.

Our school mobile apps help schools and parents cut through the busyness of life and work. And don’t we all need an app for that.

We provide complete and customised app communication solutions which streamline processes, save time and encourage real engagement between school and home.

And our experience, training and support means you’ll hit the ground running and enjoy all our benefits mobile app technology can deliver.

Australia has seen a 225% increase in schools adopting a school communication app from Q2, 2015 to Q2, 2016. There’s a clear expectation for schools to deliver news and updates via digital communication channels, with mobile the preferred method of delivery.

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Affordable custom-fit solutions:
because one size doesn’t fit all

We’ve worked with plenty of schools, but we know your school is different than the last school we worked with.

We take the time to understand your needs. Our school mobile apps are custom-fit and can be integrated with existing technology to ensure a perfect fit – every time.

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All our apps come with peace-of-mind features


    Full phone and email support Mon–Fri, 8am–5pm


    Apple and Google updates ensure device compatibility

  • 99.9% UPTIME

    Premium hosting ensures no downtime


    Templates and strategy support for a seamless start


    Training portal and short video tutorials


    Your data is safe with us

And when you work with us, you’re doing good for more than just your school

When you embrace mobile app technology, you minimise your school’s environmental footprint. And that’s a great thing. So, with the support of Green Schools, we’d like to thank you for going green with a rebate of $1 per app download.

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Are you ready to unlock the real power of mobile app technology?

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