Orana Catholic Primary

Orana Catholic Primary

A school that, like many, loved paper

Orana Catholic Primary, based in Willeton, Western Australia, has approximately 600 students. When we first met the school, it was posting paper newsletters and forms to the homes of students.

The digital transformation

The school has now completely eliminated the distribution of all college-wide paper news and forms and uses the app as their single communication method.

The staff were surprised with the rate of technology adoption, with 100% of parents accessing school news through the app. And, a massive 81% of parents access the app on a daily basis.

Other impressive stats during the first semester include:

  • Downloads totalled over 1400 individual devices.
  • 159 notifications were sent to parents across all subscription groups.
  • Parents received an average 42 group specific notifications.
  • Parents submitted 1075 absentee notifications, which accounted for a majority of all absences recorded.
  • Parents sent 391 staff communication requests which resulted in 2-way communication.

The savings

During semester 1 of the app’s operation, there was an estimated $4,700 in savings across staff hours, paper, distribution and reduction in additional systems spend.

The process: consultation and communication

We conducted a six-month case study of our mobile app solution for Orana Catholic Primary. When designing the app, we developed key functionality and access to the four features that were identified as being most popular: absentee notification, latest news, staff contact and events calendar.

Parent feedback was important for Orana, a 96% parent engagement score was calculated from taking into consideration average time spent on app and overall repeat app sessions.

Is your school ready to go mobile?