Other App features

Other cool features

Campus maps

An interactive map function brings your school to life. Our talented designers can create a simple satellite view map or a more detailed and stylised topographic map.

Important buildings, sporting fields and venues can be highlighted along with major intersections, crossings and parking guides.


    Allow parents to quickly and easily find their way through the maze of building, fields and venues


    Parents can find classrooms for teacher meetings and new students feel at ease knowing where they are going


    Managing traffic flow and parking during busy school events becomes a lot easier as parents can make educated parking plans

Push messages

The outdoor school welcome BBQ is 3 hours away and the rain isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to cancel and a push message will get the cancellation notice out faster than anything else. All our apps come with push message power.

  • FAST

    Push messages are delivered instantly to parents’ mobiles – even when the app is not open

  • Free

    Avoid the expense of high volume SMS messaging with this free built-in communication tool


    Alerts are delivered direct to the mobile screen and you have complete control over timing

And when you work with us, you’re doing
good for more than just your school

When you embrace mobile app technology, you minimise your school’s environmental
footprint. And that’s a great thing. So, with the support of Green Schools, we’d like to
thank you for going green with a rebate of $1 per app download.

Estimated Potential Rebate :


Are you ready to unlock the real power
of mobile app technology?

Yes, let’s do it!