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We develop customised mobile communication apps that connect school and home.
Proudly Australian owned and run, we’re your dedicated school app developers. We help schools and colleges across Australia and New Zealand unlock all the benefits of mobile app technology.

Our technology allows schools to send important news as it happens. Parents enjoy the comfort of notifications and important information at their fingertips, along with the convenience of online forms, bookings, orders and more from their smartphone.

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Building school mobile apps is our business

At Appademic, we only build school mobile apps. That’s our business.

Most of our team members have worked in, or have some association with, teaching and schools. So, we understand the industry and have a genuine enthusiasm for helping schools embrace technology.

We love our job and it shows in our results. Our school retention rate since we started back in 2015 is 100% and our average app store rating is 4.8/5.

Meet The Team

Michael Smargiassi

Owner, Product & Client Manager

Michael drives product development and works closely with clients at Appademic. He’s analytical, passionate and, like most business owners, happy to roll up his sleeves and do a little bit of everything.

Before founding Appademic, Michael worked for a large national digital agency managing school client accounts and armed himself with a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems/Management) and Certificate IV in IT.

His favourite part of the job is giving schools that “uh-ha” moment when the app is launched and the school has grasped the technology and can start enjoying it.

“Seeing schools using something we have built and having it really benefit the school community is a good feeling.”

When he’s not working with schools and thinking about app technology, you might find him gazing towards the heavens. He’s a self-confessed space enthusiast and closely follows SpaceX and Elon Musk’s ambition to colonise Mars.

  • Favourite non-school app: Spotify
  • App he can’t live without: Dropbox
  • Best time-saving app: Uber
  • Favourite school subject: Chemistry

Kelvin Huang

Lead Developer

As lead development ninja, Kelvin is the clever one who takes our great ideas and turns them into technological reality. Kelvin is obsessed with code perfection and takes pride in his development methodologies.

Kelvin says the most rewarding thing about his job is bringing schools into the modern age of technology.

“I enjoy seeing the schools use the technology and coming up with new ideas that they have never considered before.”

Kelvin has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) from the National University of Singapore and worked as lead app developer for a company in Singapore before moving to Australia in 2012. Why Australia? He met a lot of Australians while living in Singapore and rates Australians as the most friendly bunch around.

  • Favourite non-school app: Whats App
  • App he can’t live without: Trello
  • Best time-saving app: Tech Crunch
  • Favourite school subject: Performing Arts

Shawn Heckhart

School Support & Developer

Shawn is our tech support and training guru, with plenty of experience in the school space and a Certificate III and IV in IT.

“I worked for 5 years as IT Coordinator then ICT Manager in WA schools.”

When he’s not in the office or helping schools, you might find him half way up a cliff. Shawn happily lives the work-life balance dream, working part-time with us and spending the other part of his working teaching rock climbing.

  • Favourite non-school app: Glassy Surf Report
  • App he can’t live without: Google Maps
  • Best time-saving app: Airbnb/Uber
  • Favourite school subject: Outdoor Sport Education

Michael Smargiassi

Marketing & Design

Thanks to Shelley, you’ll love using our apps, training guides and videos. She has a distinct creative flare that means you enjoy a beautiful and effortless user experience.

And, she gets to enjoy a warm, fuzzy feeling when she works here with us:

“Having my work published and used by thousands of parents and students is the most rewarding part of the job for me.”

With qualifications and experience in both graphic design and education support, her contribution to our work at Appademic is highly valued.

  • Favourite non-school app: Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • App she can’t live without: Evernote
  • Best time-saving app: Ebay
  • Favourite school subject: Visual Arts
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Our developers are Apple approved and Google play
developer certified

We work closely with Apple and Google and have access to beta software releases. This means
our apps are always working and up-to-date with future version releases.

How we work

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1. Understanding your school

Every school is different, so we always start by getting to know you and your school. We conduct a full analysis of your communication activities to understand how your school interacts and engages with parents and the school community.

We review your website and digital channels, looking at content accessibility and current communication strategies.

We then review how your current tools and systems are used so we can form recommendations about how app technology will work best for your school.


2. The right solution

We’re the experts in customised mobile app solutions. We understand communication and engagement technology best practices and work with you to develop a solution that caters to your school’s unique needs and community preferences.

We know the last app we built likely won’t be the best one for your school. Functionality is designed around your priority of access to information and features.


3. The development ninjas get to work

This is where you sit back and leave it to our talented design and development team. We’ll create a spectacular user interface that matches your school branding and website. Our designs ensure quick access to essential tools and information inside the app.

Our mobile developers build the code to ensure the app functions correctly and quickly and use the most up-to-date technology for full device compatibility. A vigorous testing and client feedback process completes the development phase.


4. Launch time

Before the official launch, our team provides your school admin team with in-depth training to make sure everyone is comfortable using the app. This is backed up with our training resources portal, containing video tutorials, and support team.

Our marketing materials help you advertise the app on your website. A template letter and email are provided to encourage the school community to download the app. Premium advertising print packages are also available for schools that prefer to launch with added style.

Our partnership program

Our Partnership Program allows us to establish mutually beneficial relationships with aligned and relevant companies and organisations. We are proud sponsors of many teacher and principal associations as well as education technology and marketing organisations. If you’d like to discuss a partnership opportunity, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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We believe in going green and giving back

We love helping schools to minimise their environmental footprint. With the support of Green Schools, we offer a rebate of $1 per app download. A small thank you for doing a big thing for the environment.

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