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Our apps do everything you want them to do (and a few other handy things you probably hadn’t thought about)

Mobile is the preferred channel of communication in today’s digital age. To take full advantage of this technology, we work with you to build an app that suits your school. Stand-alone modules for each feature means our apps are full customisable.

So, if you want something with all the bells and whistles, we can do it. And if you want to reduce system complexity and save on costs, we can do that too.

Transforming the link between school and home

All the apps we develop have one thing in common: the power to completely transform your communications. Apps, developed and used the right way, allow faster and more efficient communication and drive true engagement.

Push notifications, 24-7 absentee notification, instant access to information, dynamic and embedded content, digital forms, daily canteen menus and ordering, 2-way teacher booking systems and more create an all-in-one communication solution, something we call 360° communication.

Discover 360° communication

Media features to share and celebrate milestones

Let parents share the app, events, images and notices.

Bring all of your school’s events to life through the native gallery.

Add videos from events and school productions. Easily integrated with YouTube and Vimeo.

Parents can easily navigate across campus with an interactive map.

Our apps give you complete control

We make managing your apps simple. No coding required.

Once we’ve set up things like automatic data feeds and integrations, our intuitive web-based app management system gives you full control of your school app – even if you’re not tech savvy.

We provide a cloud-web based login for schools as well as an iPhone, android and iPad management mobile app, to give admin access on the go, anytime. Schools can add, edit or remove content, send notifications and manage individual modules.

Discover more with useful analytics and insights

  • Track usage and engagement metrics like downloads by device type, app sessions and average time in app.

  • Capture important user demographic info, giving you insight into your user base.

  • Monitor feature usage to make decisions on future changes and communication strategies.

Use the app to its full potential with comprehensive training and support


"Okay, I’m sold…
but we already have some good systems set up"

That’s ok. We understand you love and use other school systems, tools and technologies So, we can integrate with a lot of popular school systems and tools. From simple media feeds to events calendars and learning management systems, we can create a seamless experience for parents and staff

Our aim is to provide all of your important tools and information in one easy to access system that is available anywhere and anytime, through mobile app technology.

Talk to us about integration with LMS, AMS, booking systems, canteen systems and more
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