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Custom-built apps – because every school is different

We take time to understand how your school operates. We work with you to create an app that suits your school. We help you understand the technology and how it will work best for you


Taking these steps means we empower you to unlock the real power of mobile technology – rather than creating new problems or more work.

Digital schools are happy schools

  • “Feedback on the app from the parents has been terrific, they are really pleased with the ease of use and the amount of information it provides. We are very pleased with the ease of use and how simple it is to update. The ability to send messages has been a fantastic way for parents to quickly find out what’s happening. We used the data in the admin panel to see how many people are accessing the app in the last week of Term 4, we were impressed with the numbers.”

    Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Western Australia

    Jennifer Strahan, Deputy Principal
  • “Setting up a new school is very exciting, but there are so many things to do. We needed expert help for our communication technology. We knew apps were being used at other schools and parents seemed to respond well. Michael and Shawn provided us with exactly what we needed, not just the school app, but also a thorough understanding of app technology and how to best utilise it. The feedback so far from parents has been very positive. I feel comfortable with the Appademic team driving this for us and really offering a technology partnership rather than just a product.”

    Ashford College, Victoria

    Derrick Sharp, ICT Manager
  • “My daughter Jessica is notorious for losing important school notes, so when Armadale brought in the app it was greatly appreciated. I receive alerts from the school only relating to information that is useful to Jessica or of high importance, which is a great compared to how I would dart through the monthly newsletter only looking for relevant things. I’ve used the contact teacher and contact forms when required and the experience has been quick, also giving me peace of mind the school is receiving the information. I’m looking forward to be able to order Jessica’s lunch on the app from next term, as I’m sure other parents are too.”

    Armadale Senior High School, Western Australia

    Carol Yearnings, Year 9 Parent/P& C Coordinator

Case studies

Ashford College

With more than 1,500 downloads, this school is winning with mobile technology. Take a closer look at the project.

Orana Catholic Primary

96% of all absentee notifications now come through Orana’s app. See how we built this highly-utilised app.

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