Secure ordering and payments

Secure ordering and school payment system

No more money mayhem at your school

All of your important paper forms can be converted into digital app forms, allowing parents to fill in forms directly through the app in a couple of touches of the screen. And schools can rest assured that important papers are received instantly. No more paper forms languishing in the bottoms of school bags making life easier for everyone.

All transferred data is encrypted with 256bit SSL (which is rated for credit card data compliance) for peace of mind.

Say goodbye to brown paper bags

We love bringing canteens into the digital age, too. Parents can browse a daily menu and then order and pay directly through the school app. Canteen staff can easily modify menus and prices and action orders. Parents love the time-saving quick lunch, reordering and other tools while canteen staff can easily notify parents and students of last minute changes using push messages.

Uniforms, excursions, fees and more all in one place

The possibilities really are endless. We can set up uniform ordering, allowing parents to avoid the dreaded uniform shop queue and get their children dressed in new uniforms in a couple of taps. School fees, admissions, production tickets, excursions and more can all be set up easily within the school mobile app.


Okay, I’m sold…
but we already have some good systems set up

That’s ok. We understand you love and use other school systems, tools and technologies So, we can integrate with a lot of popular school systems and tools. From simple media feeds to events calendars and learning management systems, we can create a seamless experience for parents and staff.

Our aim is to provide all of your important tools and information in one easy to access system that is available anywhere and anytime, through mobile app technology.

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